I got Hacked! My social media accounts got hacked and banned

I got Hacked! My social media accounts got hacked and banned

To whoever did this to me and is doing it to other people……. there is karma. I am sure of it!

Why cause someone so much unnecessary stress and frustration and headache?

Yes, in the scheme of things, having your social media accounts hacked and banned, is not the worst that could happen, but you know what? It is pretty sucky for sure!!

I wanted to share what happened to me in case it happens to you, or you are dealing with it currently. And I also I am hoping that my story helps someone out there to better protect themselves.

Four days ago, as I was working at my 9-5 job, I got several emails that someone is trying to reset my FB password. I was in a couple of meetings that day, and I could not immediately act, but I did see the emails within 10 minutes of FB sending them to me. There was an option in one of the emails that said that if the password reset emails are not generated by me, I should click on this link and follow the steps provided there. It was already too late. It seems whoever hacked my FB account, was able to post something inappropriate, and understandably so, FB banned my account.

I am ok with that and I understand that it is something that needs to happen in scenarios where someone posts inappropriate things especially involving children.

Now, this is where the headache begins. Good luck finding a phone number, an email, a live chat, or a person at FB that you can actually talk to. I have tried for days since. FB has an online help center portal that guides you on how to “recover” your account but ultimately it sends you to a login page and with having a banned account, you are of course unable to log in or do anything. You are prompted to provide your phone number and that is where it ends and the loop keeps going and I feel more hopeless than ever!

You know the saying, you don't really understand something until it happens to you? Yeah...

Oh and Instagram and Facebook are connected so of course, my IG accounts are now also banned. 

I, finally after days of waiting and thinking about it, decided to get over the sadness of losing all the pictures and cute memories I have of my children in my profile that I usually post for my parents and grandparents oversea to be able to see, and I went ahead and created a new FB account. 

Guess what...well it got banned and deleted almost immediately! My phone number is now flagged with the FB behind-the-scenes little robots and it seems that I need a new number just to create a new FB account.

Same with IG. Building a following on IG as a blogger is very important and it is a lot of work I cherish each and every one that has followed me on there. That is now all gone and I need to start from scratch!!

So, what can you do to protect yourself, you wonder? Well, it is not much unfortunately but I would strongly suggest you check your FB security settings and make sure all your info is up to date. It seems in my case, a backup email I had provided to FB as a secondary email that I had many years ago and do not use anymore, was hacked and that is how the hackers were able to gain access to my FB. If I had known to update that email, I might not be in this situation now. 

Also, do not provide any credit or debit card information no matter what. I have used FB advertising for my blog in the past as do many other bloggers but when hacked, this is a huge issue. I looked at my bank account, and there were two charges for FB ads after my account was banned. I immediately contacted my bank and the charges were disputed and my card was closed and replaced. I used a card that typically does not have lots of funds in it, but what if I did not? Here is my other advice, if you need to use FB ads, make sure the card you link to it, has a small balance so in case it is hacked, there will not be much financial damage. 

I am still trying to recover my accounts a week after the fact. I think I will have to eventually create new ones and start from scratch but until then, I wanted to share my experience and hope that I can help someone and save them the headache and stress I am dealing with right now! I am glad I have this little corner of the Internet and I get a voice and no one can take that away from me!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my story!!


Eve from Emmandilife

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