Tips on How to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

How to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

There really is no magic trick for keeping our homes organized and cleaned. It really is learning a few simple tricks that will help you. I want to share several tricks and tips I have learned through the years that have helped me keep my home clean and organized. Clean and declutter your home to reduce stress and frustration.

Tackle the entire house without feeling overwhelmed with these great organization and decluttering tips and tricks! Here are my best home organization tips for a clean and organized home! I hope that I will inspire you to look around your home and start your journey to a clean and organized home!

I follow the below rules in my home, and I also have taught my family to follow them as well. Yes, it can be a challenge sometimes, but it helps me immensely! You need to make changes to stop being messy and get your home clean and organized.

Change your mindset and set up realistic routines. Once you do that, it really does not take that much to maintain.

Here are my top tips to get you one step closer to a clean and organized home.

1. Do not let things pile up

The biggest advice I would give you is to not let it pile up. I mean in all honesty, with children in the house, it is a constant battle to keep our homes neat and organized. There is constantly stuff coming in and out of the house. If you let things pile up too much, then cleaning and organizing it all will take so much longer and be that much more frustrating.

2. Take off your shoes

Take off your shoes as soon as you enter the door and put the shoes away. Make this a habit and teach everyone in your household to do the same. There is no need to bring in all the dirt and grossness from outside into our homes.

3. Declutter your space

Make this a priority. You really cannot organize clutter! If your house is full of clutter, there is no way you will ever stop being messy and get organized. It may seem like a lot of work but trust me once you do it, then it is all going to be so much easier to maintain.

Decluttering your home is the number one thing you can do right now to get organized. Clutter leads to an increase in depression and an increase in stress and feelings of dissatisfaction. It feels overwhelming when there is stuff everywhere.

  • Declutter your countertops – kitchen and bathroom countertops are the perfect spots to pile things during the day. It is so convenient to just leave things there for later. Utilize your cabinets and drawers. Organize the things you need and use, and throw away those you do not.


  • Declutter your entryway – a messy entryway to the home is the first thing you and your guests will see. Take off your shoes before you enter your home and put them away. Same with jackets. It honestly takes less than 60 seconds to hang up your coat when you walk in the door. If you have kids, have them either in a plastic bin designated for their backpacks or designated closet space to hang them. A large bin designated for the shoes will be very helpful especially if have little kiddos.

Or if you would like to take this a step further, l love this stackable show system:

  • Organize your mail – recycle what you do not need, shred what needs to be shredded, and file what needs to be stored for later. One solution can also be a good paper and mail filing system. Here are a couple of options you might like: (click on the images to shop)

4Tidy up before going to bed

I cannot go to bed at night if things in the living room, dining room, and kitchen are not tidied up. Or if there are dirty dishes in the sink. I just cannot fall asleep. It is also so very helpful and so refreshing to wake up in the morning without having to do a million chores. It starts off your day right and sets you off for a successful and productive day.

  • Put away all the dishes. Do not leave any dirty dishes in the sink. Start the dishwasher if you need to.

  • Wipe down all the countertops

  • Tidy up the living room and the dining room.

  • Straighten up the couches and couch pillows.

5Start your morning right

  • Make it a habit to always make your bed. Teach your kids to do so as well. It sets you off for a great and productive day.


  • Open your curtains and blinds and let the sunshine in. That will for sure put a smile on your face and brighten up your home.

  • Open the windows (weather permitting) and let some fresh, clean air in.

  • Since you have done a bit of tidying up and cleaning up the night before, you will not really have that much to do in the morning, and you will be able to start your day and meet your daily tasks and goals.

6. Wipe down surfaces after every use

This will help immensely and will also make you and your family aware of your habits. Cleaning up immediately after use will ensure nothing piles up and gets out of control. Keep these wipes close by and handy in the kitchen and in your bathrooms and wipe down the surfaces with ease.

7. Focus on one area at the time

It can be overwhelming to clean and organize your home if you look at it as one huge project. Start by focusing on one area at a time. Once you declutter, clean, and organize one room or area, move to the next. Put some music on and try to not stress and dare I say it, try to enjoy the process. Do not forget, cleaning and organizing your home is a series of smaller tasks. It can not be done all at once and all in one day. So, do not force yourself to accomplish it all at once. And keep in mind, if you declutter and organize the areas in your home, maintaining it all going forward should be a breeze.

8. Find organization systems that work for you and your family

Organization systems will help you stay organized and maintain your decluttered home for the long run. Pretty boxes, baskets, and folders make us want to organize and keep things neat. You can use organization systems in every room and area of your home. Check out my post on organization systems for your home that will help you organize and maintain every room in your house.

9. Put things away after use. Make sure everything has its place

Always put things back where they belong. If you take something out of its place, always put it back when you are done with it. When everything in your home has its own place, you always know where to put something back when it has been misplaced. I have also taught my children to do the same and that helps them stay organized and helps me by avoiding the constant “mommy, where are my things?” questions.

10. Dust surfaces and vacuum regularly, especially if you have pets

I usually vacuum 2 times a week. I have noticed that if I skip one time, the next time I vacuum it takes me longer and the house gets really dirty. This is especially the case if you have pets. And depending on the kind of pets, you might have to vacuum more often. If you are cleaning more frequently, the whole cleaning process is much shorter. My weekly tasks include dusting the surfaces, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms.  I have found that having a great vacuum, that is lightweight helps me vacuum faster and makes vacuuming more frequently and kind of fun. Here is the one I recommend:

I have never enjoyed mopping. I have always found it a boring step that I was dreading. But that all changed with this mopping system. My mom gifted it to me for my birthday and I can’t believe I am saying this, but I now actually look forward to mopping my floors. It works great on all types of floors.

There you have it. Try and implement some of these ideas in your life and make them habits. With those, you will be able to change the way your home looks and feels. Keeping your home organized and clean is not that much work if you keep at it. Do not be afraid to start and I promise you will be so very happy and feel so accomplished and organized.

Have a great day!


Eve from Emmandilife

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