Great Gift Ideas for Tween and Teen Boys for any occasion

Best Gift Ideas for Tween and Teen Boys

Teen boys are so hard to shop for. It could be difficult to find “cool” gifts to wow them as they are getting older. It used to be so much easier to buy gifts for my son, who is now 13, almost 14 years old. Every Christmas, it is harder and harder for me to think of creative, fun, cool, useful, and interesting gifts to get for him. He makes a list of things he would like, but he also loves when he gets a couple of gifts that are a total surprise.

This Christmas, I seem to have hit the nail on the head (yay!), and I am so proud of myself. I want to share those ideas with you because I know the struggle you are facing every time you need a gift idea for a teenager in your life. They are perfect not only for Christmas gifts, but for birthday gifts, graduation gifts, or gifts for any occasion really.

I think when he gets older, a gift card will probably suffice but for now, opening gifts still excite him, and believe me, I will take advantage of it and cherish this for as long as I can :).

Here are the top 10 gift ideas, rated by my own teen at home.

All of those can be purchased on Amazon. The easiest way to shop - you do not even need to leave your house.

1. Buffalo Games - Tower Tennis - This game is a hit in our house. It is table tennis with a twist! Hit the ball into the tower and it will spit out one of the holes randomly. If it comes out on your side, you have to hit it back in, or the other player scores a point. It’s head-to-head fast-paced action where you keep the ball alive to score. The game is portable and can be played anywhere. My kids love it and play it all the time. It keeps them active and moving.

2. 3D Wooden puzzle - My son loves this wooden puzzle building set so much, he has asked for it two Christmases in a row now. Lightweight models made of natural plywood. Pre laser-cut wood sheets with well-fit parts. No glue needed, easy to assemble together.

3. Table Top Robot - This little guy is so super fun. The Table Top Robot is a hands-on science kit that teaches the basics of robotics by constructing a working robot crab. When activated, the robot crab scuttles under its own power and changes direction when it encounters an obstacle. Place it on a tabletop and watch it perform acrobatic tricks. It detects when the edge of the table is near and changes direction sharply to avoid falling. Very entertaining and fun to build and play with. It is an inexpensive "STEM" toy that actually works.

4. Reflex Shocking Memory game - Electronic Memory Game with a Shock. Try to match colors, colors & numbers, add in shapes for an extreme challenge. This handheld electronic game takes the classic memory game to a whole new level with a shocking surprise when you don't rise to the challenge. It's crazy fun for teens.

5. Flip Slide Game - One of my son's favorite handheld games. Flip Slide is an addictive, fast-paced puzzle game of skill. Master the moves to beat the blocks – flip to find the color and slide to match the lights. Challenge yourself or play with friends. The only hard part is putting it down! It tracks personal best time and it is a fun family challenge to see who comes up with the best time.

6. LED Basketball hoop lights - what a cool idea for those summer nights playing basketball. The LED Strip Light can light up the rim of the basketball hoop and have up to sixteen unique light patterns, helping to accurately record the score and increasing children's interest in playing basketball, enjoy the fun of playing basketball at night.

7. Sanuk - these lightweight and comfortable shoes are without a doubt my son's favorite shoes! They are great slip-on shoes that go with everything and good for any occasion really. 

8. Wireless Earbuds - what a great alternative to those other much more expensive ones that kill me slowly every time we lose one from the set. These are amazing! Easy to pair, easy to charge, and premium sound quality. Easily control your music, calls, and voice assistant functions with Smart Touch Control. You can use one earbud independently or two earbuds at the same time to suit your different needs.

9. Digital Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker - this is not your ordinary digital clock. This is so much more. All-in-one bedside alarm clock, combining an easy-to-read, large digit LCD Dual Alarm Clock with a Phone Dock, Wireless and 2 x USB Charging Ports, Bluetooth Speaker, FM Radio, and pre-loaded Relaxing Nature Sounds to help you sleep - all in a stylish modern design that will compliment any bedroom décor.

10. Robotics Smart Machines - My son loves this kit. He is a big lego lover, always has and he enjoyed building this just as much. The set allows you to build 8 different models that are controlled by a smartphone or a tablet. This kit is great learning set about how different components work together for building robots that do specific tasks. Perfect for teens and challenging enough for them to keep them interested. 

My son really loves Legos and has many sets. It is hours of fun for him where he gets to build many different buildings, cars, cities and so much more. Here you can find Lego sets for any age.

Note: While most of the links are affiliate links where I get a commission when you make a purchase (at no cost to you), all of the items listed are purchased by me and my son truly loves them. I am only recommending them because I believe they are truly great gifts for the tween/teen boys in your life.

I hope you find this gift list for teens helpful! 

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